Tillandsia ionantha clump

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The most popular Tillandsia species, many varieties and varieties are known. In a few years it will grow into a spherical shape.

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  • Genus:
  • Tillandsia

Tillandsia ionantha: Its natural habitat ranges from Mexico to Costa Rica. The plant is 5 to 14 cm in size, the leaves are soft, dense, green or greyish-green, and have a peachy coat. When flowering, the leaves turn red. In some varieties and varieties, all leaves turn red. In its natural habitat, this vibrant color attracts hummingbirds that pollinate. The flowers are stemless, tubular in shape and purple in color. It is a well-bred species, forming colonies relatively quickly. Many varieties and varieties are known. There is a small hazelnut, there is a very long called monkey tail, there is a predator-like mouth, there is a zebra stripe, there is a variegated leaf and there is a white flower. They also have a wide palette of colors at flowering, from lemon yellow, peach to light red to dark red. In summer, you can enjoy your garden in the shade, protected from the sun. Wintering in the apartment works well between 16-21 degrees Celsius with less watering.

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