Tillandsia tectorum var. caulescens

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Its captivating appearance, snow-white color and thin, graceful leaves make this plant special.

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  • Genus:
  • Tillandsia

Tillandsia tectorum var. caulescens: In its natural habitat, Ecuador and Peru, it lives on the cliffs of the Andes at an altitude of 950-3400 meters in very harsh conditions. During the day, there is scorching heat, and at night, the air can cooled to zero degrees below. The rainfall is low, which is why it has grown longer trichomes hairs - the white color is thanks to this - to better filter out the moisture in the air, plus it protects it from the scorching sun. Its inflorescence is uniformly pink and the flowers are whitish-purple. In summer, keep it in the garden in a sunny place and watering it every other day. It is suitable for winter, with a light room of 5-10 degrees, where it can be kept without watering as it can withstand cold and drought well. But it is wintering without problems in the apartment. In the winter, we watering a little and choose a bright, sunny spot.


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